This is my first post in a while and the only excuse I have is that Zombies don’t do blog posts!

Our new-born son decided that his first gift to his parents would be to swop his days and nights. While I normally don’t need much more than 4-5 hours of sleep per night, these past few weeks have been challenging to say the least. We’ve been alternating between 3 hours to no sleep per night and as expected it started taking its toll.

Car keys would go in the fridge, half way to work I would realize I’m still wearing flip-flops and bad hair days got a new meaning! And of course at around 6am our beautiful son would relax and fall into a deep sleep for the rest of the day. No amount of harassment would get him to wake up and after his regular (only during the day) feed he would go right back to sleep, recharging for the night to come.


What I find incredible is that even though I’m certifiably dysfunctional at the moment, we’ve been designed to still do all the core parenting functions flawlessly (or close enough anyway). There’s nothing that our children need that we can’t provide, on time, at the correct temperature and without killing anyone. And this at a time where I’m struggling to remember my own name!


At 3am this morning I was struggling to burp our son after a feed and as I sat there holding him, this incredible sense of privilege came over me and all the fatigue and stress just faded away.

We all have a few of these “a-ha” moments in our lives if we’re lucky and this morning was definitely one of them.

I’m actually looking forward to not sleeping tonight, it just means more time with my son!

Written by Tertius