The Wisdom to know your limits

I’ve always been a “do-it-yourself” kind of guy. Why pay someone else to do something I’m very capable of doing myself?

This theory served me well whilst being a bachelor and even during the early stages of my marriage.

The natural process of life does mean that life gets more complicated. We have a bigger house, more things, children and of course our marriage to look after.


We bought a new house just before our daughter was born, almost 5 years ago! By new I mean a new address but the house itself was a project from the start.

An old house meant loads of space, solid structure and established garden and pool. It also meant that it needed a lot of upgrading to bring it to the comfort and aestethic level our generation expects.

For the first two years I spent every spare bit of money and every Saturday working on something in and around the house. I spent a lot of money and time managing and fighting with contractors and eventually got to a point where I’ve had enough. I was tired of not having time for my family or a round of golf with the mates.

I hung up my tools and resigned myself to live with the remaining problems/imperfections for the rest of my life!


As time went by it slowly started to dawn on me that there might be a different solution. Maybe I should start evaluating what still needs to be done, decide what will be realistic to do myself and simply wait till I have enough money saved to pay someone else, who have the necessary skills and can do the job in a relatively short period of time and hopefully do it right the first time.


This morning our pastor preached a message of depending on the wisdom we receive from God when doing everyday things. Immediately a light went on for me!

I never stopped to evaluate the situation and decide where my limits lie. I realized that you have to be realistic about the amount of time, resources and patience you have.

This is the true meaning of being wise. God gave me the ability to make this judgement and any pressure I’ve felt was self-inflicted.


I think I’m slowly getting the hang of this adulting thing…….

Written by Tertius