Sitting on my sofa tonight I’m trying to imagine how our lives will change tomorrow. You see, tomorrow is the day my son will be born!

I’m trying to imagine how our harmonious family life of the last five years will be impacted by this new person in our lives. Will he just slip into the dynamic we currently have or will my relationship with my wife and daughter change, or simply evolve? Will he get along with his big sister and will she accept him after being the only child and grand child in our family for five years?

This is the exciting and intriguing part of the reflection.


Naturally I also have hopes, dreams and worries about his life.

Will he have natural leadership qualities? Will he be strong willed and have perseverance when necessary? Will he be kind and compassionate?  Will he be right brained or left brained? Will he be adventurous and inquisitive?


Then it struck me, this is the ultimate adventure!


The journey of discovering each other, learning how to deal with unique personalities and figuring out how to best develop strengths. The process of unlocking potential and pushing just enough to ensure progress without rebellion!

This realization got me super excited and now I can’t wait to meet my son! I know it won’t always be smooth sailing but I’m looking forward to sharing his life and being an integral part of it.


Of course with this excitement comes the responsibility of getting it right the first time because it won’t only affect his life but generations to come!


So it’s off to bed for a good nights rest as tomorrow, three becomes four!



Written by Tertius