Any husband/dad will agree that his wife has an amazing ability to multitask.

I reallized this again during the past few weeks when I had to get more involved with the daily duties while my wife was recovering from the recent birth of our son.

As an example I’ll take you through the pre school morning routine for our 5 year old daughter.


  1. Wake her up
  2. Get her dressed
  3. Get her hair done
  4. Breakfast
  5. Vitamins and teeth brushed
  6. Get myself dressed and ready
  7. Take her to school


Simple right? Not quite…..

Step 1 can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes, depending on her mood. It is critical that this process is handled with the utmost care and sensitivity otherwise the rest of the foreseeable future might turn into a mini war.

Step 2 can be one of the quicker processes if she agrees with the style, colour combination, fit and appropriateness of the outfit. (This includes hairband and accessories)

Step 3 is never less than 10min of protestation, death cries and struggling. It is also always combined with countless requests to cooperate.

Step 4 is the ultimate arch nemises of any parent. The speed and tenacity with which any child can devour a slice of pizza is never replicated when breakfast cereal is involved. I’m thinking of developing and patenting a device which, at set intervals, will repeat a combination of phrases that encourages said child to eat. Any takers?

Step 5, if done correctly, can be quick and painless but the slightest lapse in concentration can void step 2.

Step 6 is fairly quick as I’ve had a few decades of practice and have the added advantage of not having to manage long hair or add make up.

This whole process takes me anywhere between 45min – 75min and is exhausting! How is it possible then that my wife can get all of this done in under 30min? (including hair, make up and her own breakfast)

She also does this with all the other daily processes, run a very successful business, makes time to be very involved at church and have regular coffee-catchup-marathons with her friends.


These past few weeks has me convinced that my wife is a super hero.


High five to all the super moms out there!

Written by Tertius