Boys will be Boys

My son Reuben entered our lives 629 days ago (at the time of writing this post) and it has been a learning curve of note!

Our daughter Anika, now almost 7 years old, is the text book well behaved, calm and sweet girl. So when we found out we’re expecting a boy, we were over the moon.

Without really thinking about it I expected a timeline something like this:

  1. He’ll be a cute, fun, laughing baby, making gurgling sounds and cuddling up with me on the couch
  2. When he reaches 2-ish he’ll start being inquisitive and fondly look at motorcycles
  3. At around 3-4 years old, he’ll start climbing up jungle-gyms at play areas and sit quietly observing me at the golf driving range
  4. This gradual, calm progression then continues until he marries

The reality though was a bit different. Not bad, just different.

  1. He was a very busy baby that did not sleep much for the first year
  2. He was born with a strong will that does not budge for anything or anyone
  3. He started climbing up things, dismantling things and causing absolute mayhem shortly after 1 year on this earth
  4. At this rate I can’t even imagine what he will be like in a year from now

In saying this, I’m beyond happy that he is a spirited boy with an unlimited energy supply and a natural charisma that is fascinating.

He absolutely loves the outdoors, much prefers fruit and vegetables over anything else and is absolutely intrigued by anything and everything.

I recently realized that for him to turn into a man with integrity and joy in his life is first prize but to experience the journey with him will most certainly be one of the biggest blessings for me.

Written by Tertius